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TaliAlive. Why Choose It

Six reasons (in a real case) why it is better to choose TALIALIVE, the COR-TEN steel louvered fence by Nuova Defim Orsogril.

This is a high degree of aesthetics fence line that can fit in a pleasant and natural context where modernity and "green" are the protagonists of the architectural structure. Privacy protection and “naturalness”. Rapid installation and no maintenance costs. With TaliAlive, the patented fence solution from Nuova Defim in Cor-Ten steel, everything is possible. We now look over the strengths of this registered and unique fence solution, considering a real case.





1. First of all privacy

The house side was exposed to a major transit area that was likely to limit the full enjoyment of the garden. With TaliAlive, this part has been screened from prying eyes; with TaliAlive Screen version, the visual permeability should have been lowered even more.




2. Design Care and harmony between materials

The architectural structure based on a clean, modern style through the use of materials aesthetically valuable such as glass and stainless steel, did require an extraordinary fence. TaliAlive found here its natural place, without visual "conflict" effects, thanks both to the Cor-Ten steel degrees of shades and to its linear structure.
Furthermore, the combination between the garden greenery and the fence material “naturalness”, which does not require painting or galvanizing, added more value to the building outside area.




3. Easy and quick installation

TaliAlive fence structure presents the vertical flat bar posts welded to the horizontal profiles, in order to make it particularly simple and quick to install. To modify Cor-Ten steel fence assembling is easy and quick, since it is not necessary to use, for example, touch up paint or spray zinc after cuttings and/or welding operations. The absence of surface finishes, speed up delivery times and allows cost and time savings, without compromising aesthetics.




4. Maintenance free

The Cor-Ten steel raw material, leads down to zero maintenance costs, because the material natural passivation creates an everlasting surface skin that prevents the fence oxidation.




5. Nuova Defim Orsogril versatility

Thanks to the COR-TEN warm degrees of shades and to the peculiar, simple and linear louvers design, TaliAlive fits well in every project, enhancing the location aesthetics.
TaliAlive in the standard and the Screen styles alternatives, is the best solution to respond to different privacy requirements.




6. …finally is the sole wind load resistant certified fence!

Talia is the sole wind load resistant certified fence.